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May 11

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11/05/2011 18:02  RssIcon

We are very lucky, we have a small village two miles away and in it is the most fantastic garage. Yes some may say old fashioned but for us it is the jewel in the crown. We saw an announcement in the local paper for Ted’s 80th Birthday and his Brother’s 90th. Accompanying it was a picture of a Land Rover Series 1 and the address was Butts Garage.

The very next day we were on their doorstep enquiring if they would service old Land Rovers. “Yes my boy, bring it in” came the reply. Both 'Tommy' the 1948 and 'Monty' the Tickford have now been in for their annual health check and MOT.

It is so refreshing to find a garage that the owner has filled with his own Series 1 Land Rover, a Morris Minor and a Fergie tractor. They offer superb honest workmanship at very fair prices. They are happy to repair items not replace them and they are very methodical and thorough, with detailed and  beautiful hand written bills. You know, we don’t miss being charged for screen wash and seat covers with every service! Butts Garage gets 5 Stars and a big 'Thank You'.