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Apr 19

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19/04/2012 07:32  RssIcon

Well if there is anyone out there that reads these blogs on a regular basis you will recall that one of our 'Boys' fell madly in love with Lara Croft. Well not really, because she is a fictitious movie heroine, and he is well into middle age and no longer a boy. Either way, the high spot of his year has always been to gaze from afar at the young lady who dresses as Lara Croft and can be seen with the Tomb Raider Land Rover Club.

Well the Boy has really messed up this year as he has booked a holiday over the Billing weekend. His pathetic excuse is that they moved the show weekend to a later date and he had booked his holiday last year.

He has no sympathy from me as he just needs to move the family holiday to the Aquadrome. Still, the youth of today has no stamina and finds it difficult to improvise, adapt and overcome. He has been reported to mumble something about 'My wife won’t let me'.

What is the world coming to?

Still, his bunk companion, Skid has already said he will do the work of two men at Billing and is having an extra spa treatment in readiness for his adoring public. All those people, men and women, who have written in wanting to be part of his waxing team – you should be ashamed of yourselves! - his mother works for us and has read the letters.

The good news is that both the 'Boys' will be reunited and hard at it at Peterborough.