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Apr 22

Written by: 48OE Admin
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Baking is in vogue at present with TV shows like The Great British Bake Off and The Hairy Bikers Bakation, so I thought I should sing the praises of one of our resident Bakers. When on the Show circuit and even on bad days in the warehouse we are always elevated to new heights by the baking feats of our very own Auntie Alice.

Now, there is a resemblance between The Hairy Bikers and Auntie Alice. No, I do not mean in looks although they all have long hair. I certainly mean on their individual baking prowess but also she is a transport roadie - not with bikes but with Trucks and Land Rovers. She is a great driver (until a small misdemeanour recently!) and how she juggles her trucking, family, housework and baking is beyond me.

She has two signature 'Bakes' that are simply the best. They sustain us in our darkest moments and keep us working when all around us stop. The first and my favourite are her world famous Rock Cakes. These are just how they should be and a classic. Not too sweet with just the right quantity of fruit.

The second, is 'The Girls' favourite (including Alan), which is Millionaire's Shortbread. Now I make a point of telling everyone 'No!, you will not like it - it's far too sweet and sticky'. This is just subterfuge to stop other people taking a piece. It is terrific but only the young and fat can eat two pieces. She normally makes a batch of one or the other for the Event's team and we are eternally grateful. We could not do a show without Auntie Alice.

On occasions I like to keep Auntie Alice on her toes and often bake something special to bring in a bit of competition spice. It always surprises her how good at baking I am - with various cakes, flap jack and Bara Brith. One time it was so good she asked me if I had bought the item in a shop! Can you believe it?