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Apr 30

Written by: 48OE Admin
30/04/2012 09:20  RssIcon

It was sad to see that the RFU sold out for cash over style. I thought Land Rover and the England Rugby Team were a good marriage - that was until the absurd behaviour of some players at the last Rugby World Cup. Still BMW stepped in with a much bigger cheque so now the England Team has to make do with second best.

What has not been well covered, and Land Rover must take some of this criticism, is that they are continuing with sponsorship of Premiership Rugby. The Press and BMW both gave the impression that Land Rover were pulling out of everything Rugby. I have been told this is not the case.
Premiership Rugby is the beating heart of Rugby in England so it is great to see Land Rover still involved.  Apart from the equestrian world I can’t think of a better place for Land Rover’s sponsorship to be placed. Rugby needs international brands to support them in the face of the millions that pour into Premiership Soccer. Long may the association continue and hopefully both parties will prosper as a result.