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Jun 5

Written by: 48OE Admin
05/06/2012 17:06  RssIcon

Well, I nearly ran off the road when the venerable Chris Evans on his morning Radio 2 breakfast show told Lynn Bowles where she was going to be on 23rd of June. He listed the important events of the year as: -  The Olympics, The Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Bristol and West Land Rover Show at Shepton Mallet. 1948 Original Equipment will of course be at this event as the first big Land Rover Show of the year.

The fact that Chris and Lynn have a copy of Land Rover World in the studio is also quite a revelation. They are both Land Rover fans but I did not really understand this much green blood ran through their veins. The show takes place on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th June and details can be found at www.bristolandwestlandrovershow.com

I did not actually run off the road  - more of a wobble, but it was a shock to the system to hear our passion for Land Rovers hit a prime time slot on national radio. So I say 'Cheers' to Chris Evans and Lynn Bowles and 'keep up the great work'. I suspect the show organisers were rather proud.