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Jun 27

Written by: 48OE Admin
27/06/2012 18:30  RssIcon

Well we need some luck and last weekend the Gods smiled on us. No, we did not win the Lotto! - we actually had something just as good – two fine days for a Show. When you reach our age you have to be thankful for small mercies and approach life with a half full attitude.

The weather was not great as it poured with rain for two days prior to the show which gave the organiser many headaches during set-up and it poured with rain from about 6pm on the Saturday night until around 7am on Sunday morning. This rather dampened the enthusiasm of some of the campers and traders. However during the days of trading the weather was perfect which brought out the day visitors.

We booked a building on the Showground which given the weather was a godsend. Mark Woodward and Matt Smith are excellent Show Organisers and  it was a pleasure to be on site. They are very realistic about entrance fees in this difficult economy. There had been a show here a couple of years ago which had left some feeling a bit let down. However, Mark managed people's expectations very well, and we think everyone went home pleased.

Those of you that read this blog regularly or our Facebook page will know I will always criticise if things are not quite right. Well, the catering was good with a great coffee unit and cider stall and we enjoyed good fresh bacon and egg rolls each morning and baked on the premises fresh baguettes or baked potatoes at lunch. We could have done with one food wagon open on the Friday evening as all the traders and several hundred campers were already on site. Unfortunately the Cider bar was open and with no food, well………

It was a good atmosphere all weekend and as a smaller regional show we think this one will grow.

There was a good mix of traders with the likes of the indomitable king of winching David Bowyer (if you ever want to buy a winch he is your man), APB with all their expedition gear, X- Engineering and Land Rover Interior Solutions to name but a few.

We also saw a good selection of Camel Trophy vehicles (No G4 Challenge – Guys you missed out!)

and three beautiful WMIKs from our friend Barry P  who sadly was not present.

There was also a fantastic eight wheel drive Defender (see our Facebook site for pictures) and a 'To Die For' Shepherd’s hut and Series Land Rover.

All in all a good show, and one for the calendar in 2013 - next stop Billing!