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May 13

Written by: 48OE Admin
13/05/2011 15:41  RssIcon

We have just booked our Tipi for Billing. It is nearly three times the size of last year. The cost made our accountant pass out but hey - Billing is Billing. From a trader's perspective most will agree that shows are getting harder and harder to make money at. However it is an opportunity to meet our customers face to face. Yes this is how all business used to be done; the oldies amongst us will remember this.

There are so many pulls on a family's time, not to mention their finances, so it is not surprising that visitor numbers are generally static or down. We know that many have vowed never to go to Billing again.

Our view is that it is the longest running show and, regardless of who sponsors it, we still meet many old friends from around the world. More and more Europeans come over for it and although it is very hard work we secretly enjoy it. (I have just been asked to clarify this point ''As long as the weather is good''.)

It’s a bit like school holidays, all we remember are long hot days and socialising around the camp fire. We have to admit the weather has not been great for about 4 years at Billing, so we must be due for a repeat of those halcyon days. We have never been ones to let the facts get in the way of a good story.