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Sep 14

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Man and Dog are inextricably linked and have been for millennia.

The bond that exists is so strong that a dog can pine if only 20 metres from its alpha male human.

Of course the reverse is also true and often there are good examples of where the dog is head of the family.

We love to see dogs at shows as mostly they are well behaved.

Only occasionally have we had to draw an owner’s attention to a dog cocking its leg in our Tipi. This is generally followed by 'I don’t know what came over Wesley; he is normally such a good boy. You naughty boy come to mummy.'

On such rare happenings, never has a dog owner offered to clear up after their dog; which is surprising as on a personal note I consider a rather distasteful part of dog owning seems to be walking behind it with a plastic bag ready for action.
This relatively new trait as part of dog ownership I can understand; especially in urban environments but it still seems unnatural to me.

As a country boy born and bred long before plastic bags were invented, we always had dogs but I never recall 'putting my foot in it'.

I admire all those dog owners that do live in towns and villages and spend much of their life picking and packing little plastic sacks. I also think it is quite right that they do take on this responsibility so as to keep parks and pavements clean and tidy. I watched one owner dutifully perform this act of dog parenthood. This surprised me as I had pre-judged this tracksuit wearing, tattooed individual and condemned him as irresponsible. But, he had his little bag, went into action and then placed it in a litter bin. I was just privately eating my humble pie when he then put his last cigarette in his mouth and tossed the empty packet on the path. No, I can’t explain it either.

At every show we like to photograph dogs.

They just look great and sometimes say more about their owners than themselves. We hold no favour and snap the good the bad and the ugly. We have been told there is no such thing as an ugly dog just blurred vision by a human.

One thing they all have in common is a total dependence on man. They have trusted us so much that they have lost their independence and ability to provide for themselves. This is in stark contrast to our cats that are ruthless hunters and often turn their noses up at food provided by us in favour of fresh rabbit, pheasant or squirrel.

Here are some more of our favourite dog pictures taken over the summer.


I leave it up to the reader to categorise them. My final comment is that all the dogs were all better behaved than one or two of the children we had running around.