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Nov 7

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Two fantastic events have happened in recent weeks which I hope will become apparent to all in 2013.

The first is Land Rover understanding it is a Global Brand with Heritage to die for and a realignment of its Brand Identity. This may sound trivial and alongside regional conflicts, poverty, the demise of the Ash tree and the US election you are probably right. The reason that this Land Rover shift is such a “Halleluiah Moment” is my own personal belief and respect for the brand.

I have loved Land Rovers for over 35 years. During this period I have purchased approximately 30 new vehicles and 18 second hand. I have witnessed the best and the worst of Dealerships and Service Departments. I have used them for pleasure, work, rallied them and restored them. I have owned from new every model other than the Evoque and just picked up a brand new Discovery 4 today.
In spite of everything I will always drive a Land Rover. I have driven Porsche 4x4s, Toyotas, Mitsubishis, Nissans, Fords, Hummers, BMWs et al. I still return to my first and favourite love; it is 'Simply the Best'.

For years I have watched Land Rover and especially their Agencies constantly want the grass on the other side of the fence. I have seen logos come and logos go. I have seen colours change and a split between Range Rover and Land Rover. All has been in the name of “More Modern” or “It's not relevant to modern life”. The most emphatic militants for constant change, when challenged, admitted they had never spent their own money on buying a Land Rover. Some had never been in a Dealership! Land Rover has succeeded in spite of everything agencies and owners could do to change it.

It may come as no shock that I also love Harley Davidson motorbikes and drink Guinness. Iconic brands that have no rational reason for being:- they are just beautiful.

The current Land Rover Management team has finally asked about the Emperor’s new clothes and has acknowledged how respected their name and products are worldwide. I salute them for understanding that they need only one brand and one logo. Their products are now world-beaters and they stand alone as the only exclusive 4x4 manufacturer in the world. They are British and proud of it and have no need to look over the fence. Iconic design has led the way and by being true to their roots success continues to flood in.

Their new advertising is sublime and so on the mark. I feel Land Rover has come of age and I only hope they will be strong enough to carry their mantra for many years to come. The teams that are steering Brand direction and Design will be responsible for the unparalleled success I think this famous marque will now enjoy.

This leads neatly into the All New Range Rover. You have probably seen in the press that journalists have been lucky enough to be test driving this vehicle in Marrakech.

The reviews have been stunning. It has set a new bench mark in vehicle design from the ground up.

Yes, it is at the premium end of the automotive industry but what a car! 

When this hits the UK market in 2013 it will be the car to have. There is no question that if you can afford one you will buy one. It is peerless in looks, luxury and capability. All the opposition will be looking over Land Rover’s fence.

For those of us perhaps not flush with funds in this part of the economic cycle and thus not ready to buy a new Range Rover we will also gain. We will benefit from the R&D Land Rover is now committed to as it filters down through the model line up and improves every vehicle they make.

I only need those six lucky numbers on Saturday night and my deposit will be with a Dealership on Monday.