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Nov 19

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19/11/2012 11:30  RssIcon

Well, not physically, but next time you are around the coast and get a chance to see any Sand Sculpture exhibition I highly recommend it. On a whim and avoiding traffic and motorways on our way back from the Great Dorset Steam Fair we decided to have an ice cream on the beach.

Now for all overseas readers this is a very British thing to do regardless of the weather. So we headed for Weston-super-Mare. It has good sandy beaches, great sunsets, fish and chips, ice creams and even donkeys on the beach. Everything a Brit could wish for including a beautiful wide promenade and pier.

In brilliant sunshine and with a cooling breeze I began to think life could not get any better. I was wrong. A section of the beach was shuttered and looked very private but it proclaimed that inside was an exhibition of Sand Sculpture. Now never having seen such a thing and with only a modest entry fee required 'She Who Must Not Be Named' and I ventured in.

We were astonished at what a group of artists had achieved. This was an exhibition high on the must see list. The artists were both visionaries and very skilled sculptors. The scale of detail and the shear size of some of the pieces would astound anyone. The other aspect of this that resounded was the fact that each item would by now have returned to beach.


Whereever there is beauty, tragedy is never far behind and although locked at night vandals had climed over the shuttering and defaced one or two of the sculptures shortly after the opening. This did not detract from our enjoyment because there were so many items to see.

If they mount a similar exhibition at a seaside near you or at Weston-super-Mare next year make the effort to see it. You will not be disappointed. My ice cream was twice the price of admission but it completed a perfect day.