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Mar 18

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This was our first visit to a Tractor Show but because it was on our doorstep we decided to give it a go. Personally I knew I would find it interesting regardless of how we traded as it featured one of the bigger Tractor and Memorabilia auctions, conducted by our local experts H J Pugh & Co.

'She Who Must Not Be Named' had stern words with me beforehand and I was banned from buying any 'Junk & that includes a Tractor!'. Luckily I have a permanent buying number with Pugh & Co so I did not need to register.

It was a very cold start on the Saturday but we were exceptionally well catered for with our stand just across from the Stockman’s Restaurant. (Highly recommended for satisfying quality food for anyone visiting the Three Counties Showground).

I did not really know what to expect but there was much more of it than I ever imagined. Gleaming tractors more polished than the Crown Jewels.  Tractors and Machinery that was clearly more cosseted than a new born child. There were examples of stunning restorations and collections of very unusual garden implements from the past century.

The extent of Model Farm building was also something new - trailers that unfolded and revealed complete farms in 1/32nd scale including Agriculture Dealerships. I have to say that I am unsure who takes all the time to build these, make them transportable and move around the UK displaying them. Who ever you are we salute you, they were great to look at!

The auction was spectacular and by the time they came to the tractors the crowd was so big you could not get within 60 metres of the lot under the hammer. There is little in life I fear but I did not tempt fate and buy a tractor.

I used this as recon for the main chance later in the year. I now know I would like a Ford Super Dexta or a MF135. As a consolation I have bought raffle tickets with two tractors offered as prizes.

We had two of our Land Rovers on display and there were two other Series 1's to be viewed. One was a 1948 and the other a great historical piece with circular saw on the back and a finger cutter for grass on the side.

Overall, the Show is a great day out for country and tractor lovers. The Auction on Saturday brought in great crowds so Sunday was a better day to view the exhibits. I enjoyed the show and Mark Woodward did a great job of organising it.

'She Who Must Not Be Named' found some of the Farming Community shall we say 'Frugal' with their cash. One lovely old Welsh Farmer ahead of me in the queue at the restaurant had his lunch on a tray and as we got to the drinks counter he leaded over and asked 'Could I just have a cup of hot water as I have my own tea bag'. Our sales for the weekend tended to reflect this approach!

I did succumb eventually and bought some tools and fixings for the work shop. I was promptly told I had spent more than we had taken and I quote 'You had better not have bought a tractor - I have already warned the neighbours if you try and hide one round there'

'Vivere alteri bello'