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Sep 3

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I am not sure if anyone can disagree with the title. We all have more things we want to do or places we want to visit. My theory is that knowledge is like the expanding universe and therefore infinite. We can never have enough life.

The more I learn and experience the more opportunities seem to open up.  Now I admit I am unlikely to move sufficiently quickly or be skilful enough to command £3,000,000 per week with Real Madrid but I do not feel my world is limited. It just points me in more appropriate directions. With age comes different skills and more acceptance of the world. Not a benign acceptance but a realism that  others think differently, every action causes a reaction and no one knows all the answers.

I have no idea how to solve Syria but I can’t think  anyone should stand by and watch innocents killed. But should we worry about it? What can we do? Learn.

An old mentor of mine used to say “We are like sponges - we can only give up what we take in”. I now feel this stronger than ever. My life’s mission is to keep learning keep exposing myself to new people, new cultures and new ideas. Without new experience we gather no knowledge nor bring fresh ideas to others.

In the last year I admit to not spending enough time on this blog, our website and our Facebook page. I have not been sharing all that is happening to our business and our new products but most importantly I have not been sharing the last madcap 12 months of our life in Herefordshire. 

Now why would anyone want to know about that?, I ask myself. Well the answer is quite easy, our lives are our business and by sharing things maybe one person may think a little differently.

We went headlong into hobby farming just like Kate Humble (well documented in her recent book Humble by Nature - see www.humblebynature.com). We made terrible and costly mistakes but have had a brilliant twelve months erecting 3,000 metres of stock fencing, 14 new farm gates and posts, 5 stock pens; built 2 field shelters, one pig ark, lambing pens and a goose hut and refurbished a barn. The house is still derelict but my plan is now a ten year one not the 24 months I initially envisaged.

Why is life good? Because we have new Dexter calves born on the farm, two Tamworth weaners growing fast, the best year ever for Moor Hens on our ponds and more Swallows that ever about to make the long flight back to Africa. I stood in the garden and was twice almost knocked over as a Sparrow Hawk twisted and turned after a small bird inches from my head. Nature at its best and its cruellest. Yesterday two fighting Robins came squabbling in our back door and flew into the living room. At this point their attention changed to us and the confines and in blind panic they flew round and round bashing into glass and defecating over everything before we could open all the windows.

This is what is so marvellous about life - there is no set pattern, anything can happen and probably will if you put yourself in the flow. How we live our lives is our decision we cannot blame anyone else. What happens to us when we start to paddle in the river is another thing.  We can go upstream or down stream, not travel very far or weave from bank to bank and leave home far behind.

One thing is certain and that is even a rich footballer can’t be as happy as I am on a summer evening with a cold beer to hand, sitting on a bench talking to our pigs. I have so much I want to say to them that it would take a lifetime.