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Sep 10

Written by: 48OE Admin
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There are many collectors of Land Rovers. Some are very wealthy and can buy anything rare  that comes on the market. Others do it the hard way and restore the vehicles themselves and do so to such a high standard that they never sell them. One thing many collectors have in common is that they like to be a bit secretive and quite rightly so.  Classic Cars have been one of the best possible investments over the last few years and owners do not wish to broadcast where they keep them.

There is one small but jewel like collection in the UK that I stand back and admire above all. Not just because they are rare and beautiful  vehicles  but also because they have been painstakingly built and restored to the highest standards by a single pair of hands. The person who has worked them is not well known and is often assumed to be the wife or partner of the restorer. Yes, I am referring to a female that has built some of the best vehicles on the show circuit.  She is modest but her talent speaks for itself.

My favourite is her WMIK which has to be the best in the world. I so want one that if she ever did decide to sell it I would be first in the queue; I would probably have to sell the Farm to afford it but it would be worth it. I would also have to get permission from 'She Who Must Not Be Named' and that would be a bit more tricky. The Land Rover WMIK is just beautiful and no expense has been spared in kitting it out with the correct weapons and equipment. Every detail is just brilliant.

She surprised me the other day when she unveiled the lovely little Series Land Rover used in Berlin during the Cold War to escort conveys across the border. She has researched its history and found old photos and I believe tracked down someone who drove the vehicle or knew a lot about it.

I am not going to name her as I think we are all entitled to a private life, but many people will know who I am writing about. Her vehicles can be seen at many Military and Land Rover events and she deserves ever prize she wins.  Most guys could not even dream of turning out vehicles like hers.

As our sign says “A woman can never have too many Land Rovers”.