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Sep 17

Written by: 48OE Admin
17/09/2013 13:54  RssIcon

We have attended and sold our products at more shows than ever this year. Most events in 2013 have been blessed with some sunshine. The Public is great at adapting, so come rain or shine, our customers are generally cheerful and like to chat about their vehicles,  gear or the state of the nation.

It is great to see the same customers at differing events such as a Land Rover Show, Game Fair or Bushcraft Gathering. All events target different consumer groups, perhaps some with more disposable income than others, but nearly all universally with love of the outdoors and nature.

We believe that we have a fair relationship with all of our customers and try to pass on the best advice and help we possibly can. We do not sell anything we do not use ourselves and try to treat others as we would like to be treated. In general we love being with our customers. Many give us advice and ideas for new products - they guide us.

The Wilderness Gathering is a Show we love more than most because the people are great and it is very relaxed with good food (superb cakes!), beer and cider. The singalong on Saturday evenings is always special and the amount for kids to do over the whole three days is just mind boggling. Kids respond so well to being outdoors and doing things for real. When you sit round the bonfire with a glass of tipple it really does make you feel glad to be alive.


Unfortunately, we also confront another side of life that is very unpleasant. There is a small section of society that sees theft as completely legitimate. I guess they assume it is victimless. I am not sure how they would feel  if I went into their house and stole items but they see no shame in stealing things from our Tipi.  I want to scream “This is my hard earned money and livelihood you are taking and probably someone’s job”.

Gangs of seven to eight people roam some shows with one purpose in mind – to steal. Security is becoming a very real part of everywhere we go and an additional cost on our business. We now have people staying in the tent at night plus an alarm system, security guards at big events and security fencing. This is the reality of life. As a society we seem paralysed and unable to deal with this very small minority, who appear to believe they have a right not to work but take from those who do.

My thoughts on how we should deal with these people will remain confidential. It is just so difficult to catch people in the act and also have a policeman on hand when you need one.  We just find missing items and discarded packaging hidden under tables.

Sometimes it really is difficult to see the good side of life but then I go and sit with my pigs and talk sense. The clouds part and the sun shines!