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May 9

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I am looking forward to the 2014 Bushcraft Show. It’s on Sat 24th to Mon 26th of May over the Bank Holiday Weekend. This year  at a new venue Catton Hall near Derby. It is a Show that delivers “What it says on the can”. There are talented craftsmen demonstrating their skills in making and maintaining tools, knives and axes.  Plus experienced wilderness guys passing on their considerable knowledge of plants, trees and wildlife plus making things in the wild.

You will find the very best Bushcraft retailers with a myriad of products on sale and schools offering tracking courses and survival skills. The Show is designed for all the family with many things you can try and experience without spending a fortune on equipment.

It has a very friendly atmosphere and all are made welcome from experts to novices. It lets you dip your toe in the water and is a window on a world often forgotten by many city slickers.


The astonishing aspect of the Show that will immediately be evident to any visitor is the vast number and type of knives and axes worn by the majority of visitors and  participants. We are constantly told that knife crime is one of society's biggest problems. Yet here everyone has knowledge of the product and understands correct and responsible use. For decades nearly all Boy Scouts carried a sheath knife without, as far as I am aware, mass murder or mayhem breaking out.

The current media fashion for rhetoric about banning knives and tighter controls seems to miss the point. It is personal behaviour that is the problem not a piece of metal. Over three days at the show there will probably be several thousand people with knives and axes. They will no doubt imbibe in local ales and cider during the day and in the evenings. On past performances there will be no trouble. Why? Quite simply this group has been taught that with ownership comes accountability and responsibility. Even the hardened Survivalists and Preppers only train to kill Zombies!

Most have a love of the wild and they enjoy what nature provides. They also have consideration for their fellow travellers. Teaching more people this type of respect for their neighbours and their surroundings might be a better solution to some of life’s issues.

I read a statistic, I believe provided by the Police, that most stabbings are with screwdrivers not knives. If it is true will the humble screwdriver be next on the list to be demonised? Treating symptoms rather than cause is always popular with the press. I for one would like to encourage all of society  to take time out for a simpler life even if only one or two weeks per year.

There is probably more fun to be had with a knife, an axe and a back pack than most can ever imagine. You might even see a Kingfisher!