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Jul 4

Written by: 48OE Admin
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I am not easily swayed on to popular band wagons, if you will pardon the pun. However In the last week two things have energised me to join vocally the movement to get back to live music.

Now, unless there is a such a thing as a VVIP ticket to Glastonbury with showers and my own toilet, I am never going to experience the greatest musical festival in the world. It could well be this ticket exists but I probably need a lottery win to afford it. Having watched much of the festival on television I envied those people lucky enough to see Robert Plant (born in 1948 for all the Land Rover enthusiasts), Kaiser Chiefs, Rodrigo Y Gabriela and of course Dolly to name but a few.

The music was sensational but I found myself drawn to the performers and their bands. It was more than the music. They were all at the top of technical ability but it was much more than - this it was the symbiotic bond that exists that made them separate but as one. Each within their own world but linked and giving their own heart and soul to a magical moment. Rehearsals make perfect but when you can see in their eyes how the improvisation of notes follows their feel for the music.

Eyes sparkle, grins appear - this is real life and they live it for those all too brief moments on stage. For these performers the engineered perfection of the studio is forgotten  - this is about inner self, and where the force takes you. It only works for great musicians who can go anywhere with their music but their confidence in one another is obvious. The truly lucky people are those that can say “I was there”.

My second encounter was much closer. I booked tickets to see Nigel Kennedy at the Malvern Theatre, with little idea what to expect having never seen him live before. Our seats were close to the stage so there was nowhere for him or his musicians to hide. The evening was just breathtaking and a sensational success. His skills and training with the violin are legendary having had Sir Yehudi Menuhin and Stephane Grappelli as mentors. The surprise was the soul he added to the mix blending Bach, Jazz and Folk seamlessly, his feel for the music and his merging as one with his band added another dimension.

His interaction with the audience hit just the right note - he and his fellow musicians just brought joy to one another for all to see. His improvised rendition of Danny Boy as a finale reduced some in the audience to tears such was the emotion. These magical moments we are privileged to witness are the experiences that make life.

I will not bore you with the myriad of theories going round in my head about how this all works but there is no doubt live music is what we should all seek out. Find a genre that you enjoy and watch it live. Life has channelled us all into a digital world and there are fewer live music venues. I do not think you need to see world famous acts in arenas but get the front row in a local club and watch the musicians. Your life will be changed.