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Dec 4

Written by: 48OE Admin
04/12/2014 18:16  RssIcon

I think the name is right but probably not for the accepted meaning. I was appalled to see TV footage of people fighting over consumer products that they surely did not need. I must be very strange as you can count the number of TVs I have purchased in the last 40 years on one hand. The thought of getting up in the middle of the night and fighting with someone I have never met over a TV is something so alien I just have no idea what motivates these people.

I watched people trampled on just to buy the latest gadget. The Police blamed the stores the customers blamed the stores – are they all mad? This was the fault of the individuals who were shopping and who  were relaxed about hurting anyone who got in their way. They also did not appear embarrassed about being filmed for the National News.

Consumerism in our society has become rampant and it makes civilisation look so ugly. With people dying, starving and in refugee camps throughout the Middle East and Africa, Ebola and the tragedies that effect so many families in the UK how did those people put a new TV above all?

It is difficult to know how this situation has come about. We call ourselves the civilised western world but in reality it appears we are on a knife edge of barbarism and have lost sight of helping others. I agree not everyone is in this category but how have parts of society become so greedy and self centred? Parts of society seem to have been cut adrift from the morals each generation has tried to instil in their families. Perhaps it is the breakdown of the family unit, perhaps education or perhaps we have had life too easy and decided it is always someone else’s fault.

Please could  the last man or woman, who believes in morals and a greater good,  turn off the lights and lock the door when they leave.