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Mar 25

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Defenderism – A school of thought usually associated with right wing views and opposed to roads and change.

Evoquation – A Driving holiday usually from city to city using only motorways.

Free Lander – A campaign slogan started in the late 1990s for the release of an endangered species back into the plains of Africa. Sadly the experiment failed and the species is now extinct.

Discoveries – The collective term for off-road drivers who choose comfort over authenticity.

Disco Sport – A game devised by women in night clubs who bet on picking out the most ridiculous male dancers. The Bee Gees and John Travolta have a lot to answer for. Men are so vain that often they believe that the squeals of delight are for their dance prowess rather than that they have just won the night’s jackpot for one lucky lady.

Rangers – People who live in Chelsea or Mayfair who wish they lived on a grouse moor or in a safari camp in Africa (some Rangers actually do live in Africa). They especially enjoy roving to and fro on the school run or to Gloucestershire at weekends. There is no discernible difference between the male or female as both have loud voices and wear pink trousers.

Sporty Rangers – These  are even more adventurous (see definition of Rangers) City dwellers who half a dozen times per year travel to Twickenham and Cardiff for the Rugby. (They do not go to Scotland, France or Italy as the M4 does not serve these destinations). Generally they do not understand Rugby but in their world image is everything.