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May 19

Written by: 48OE Admin
19/05/2011 14:44  RssIcon

When asked what car you would buy if you won the lottery takes some thinking about. Especially when told the second rule - you can have only one and it has to be the only mode of transport you own! It did not take me long to rationalise the whole thing. I have always loved those lateral thinking puzzles that seem impossible to solve.

I answered “That’s easy, I don’t need to buy one because I already have it”. The questioner was hoping to make people think. What good would a super car be for taking the kids to school or going to Travis Perkins? Is a People Carrier or a Cross Over the best solution? Hard top or Convertible?

My decision was based upon the fact that with my lottery win I could hire taxis, and get most things delivered. (There are no trains or buses in rural England contrary to what some urban politicians would have you believe). Fast sports cars would see me lose my licence.

The answer was stunningly simple. What gives everyone the biggest grin from ear to ear? A very simple 1948 Series 1 Land Rover:- without hood or sticks and the windscreen folded flat. I defy anyone to drive one on a summer’s day on an open country lane at 35mph and not grin. Drive into town and park in the High Street and you will be surrounded by doey eyed admirers. Nostalgia is not dead, just thriving in the Shires.

P.S. An open top Series 1 is pretty good in the snow as well.