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May 20

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We all know that, when driving, men do not like criticism (they consider themselves great drivers) and when they 'become unfamiliar with their surroundings' (i.e. lost to you and me!) they refuse to stop and ask - but instead believe that by driving faster they will suddenly know where they are. Well yes, men can on occasions have 'Pride before a Fall Syndrome'.

We were working on our ponds a little while ago, as a team, one in waders and one in the canoe. We bought the canoe at the Billing Land Rover show about eight years ago. Things were going well as I (in waders) got out of the pond every time we had a canoe full of old weeds and branches and my colleague paddled it to shore. My job was to steady the canoe whilst he then got out onto the bank. We both then pulled the craft ashore and emptied it.

Well eventually, he with the paddle did the man thing. “No need for you to get out - stay over there on the far side I can manage by myself” he cried. “Are you sure?” I cried. Well you can probably guess what happened next. I heard a scream, turned round and watched him, in slow motion, part company with the canoe and the bank and land flat out on his back in about two feet of mud and water. Unfortunately we did not have a camera at the ready.

I should add that he was born a very proud Polish man and is very much the head of his family. To say his pride was dented was an understatement. I compounded the issue next day by insisting he wear a life jacket, even though we were collecting firewood – just in case he ventured near the pond.