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May 25

Written by: 48OE Admin
25/05/2011 15:24  RssIcon

I love green but there are so many sides to every story. Don’t be fooled into right or wrong. Life is far more complex and the truth is out there but you will probably never find it.

My Land Rovers will probably out live me and go on for one hundred years or more. Why? They are made in a way so that repairs are possible and not complex. They bolt together in Meccano style, parts are readily available and crucially there are enough Landys around to make remanufacture of almost every component viable.

There are those that will push very hard for you to believe that buying a high price hybrid car is the best green option. I question this on the basis that why use all that CO2 manufacturing something, ship it half way round the world, when perfectly good transport already exists. Marketeers will always have you believe that 'new is best' and the 'latest is bestest'. We live in such a disposable age and most kids now want a new phone every twelve months. Not because the texting or camera is any better (most never seem to use the phone part) but because with the latest model comes status.

We seem to have lost the sense of longevity in almost everything. That is except for Land Rovers. By the very nature of this website I am probably preaching to the converted. So I say stand proud as an ultimate green. I believe in sustainability and try to live my life in a responsible way, grow my own vegetables and try to avoid air travel. I holiday in the UK and shop locally for in season products. Yes my vehicle of choice might not return 50 mpg but its carbon footprint from birth to death in 100 years time is tiny.

Upon reflection I do love green – Bronze Green