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Jun 2

Written by: 48OE Admin
02/06/2011 12:21  RssIcon

We were very lucky and already we want one – in white, a two door coupe. By being in the right place at the right time we were one of the lucky few who were able to get a really good look at the new Range Rover Evoque. There is no doubt that this is the most elegant car to come to market since the Audi TT. It will turn heads everywhere and will be a 'must have'.

'IT' Girls will clamour for one and Fashionistas will besiege Dealerships. This latter point may cause a few issues! Many  Dealership staff,  more used to fawning the country set, will have to learn a whole new language and serve 'Wet single shot cappos made with Soya milk'. This may be one of the more easy to solve requests! We are all in favour of the car industry waking up to the fact that they are retailers. They should spend a day at Selfridges or Harvey Nicks to understand what will be coming their way.

The Evoque is just beautiful. Its lines are more akin to a blend of  classic and contemporary  art than the motor industry. Land Rover’s designers must take great credit for this. They have broken the mould.

Will it appeal to die hard Defender man? - probably not! Nor should it! This vehicle puts this world famous marque right into the melting pot for global domination in its sector. It will appeal to a younger audience and one more used to city living.  We think it will have huge appeal in new markets like China and we predict it will keep Land Rover and Range Rover on the lips of many for years to come.

We are sure it will surprise off-road as well. Not in Defender or Discovery territory but you will be able to do much more in an Evoque than you can in similar priced cars. For a start you will be able to drive it in the snow!

Start saving – you will want one!