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Jun 11

Written by: 48OE Admin
11/06/2011 13:22  RssIcon

We have bought a new trailer which, with a following wind, will form part of our stand at shows later this year. It needs quite a bit of work and there is the rub. We need another two days each week to get these extra jobs completed. The more we try to simplify our lifestyles the busier we seem to be! We have a poly-tunnel arriving in a couple of weeks as part of our goal is to grow our own fruit and veg. This necessitates a serious amount of landscaping, power and water and the building of raised beds. All to be finished before the Dusfold Weekend!

Still, back to the trailer, structurally it is fine and it is mainly the interior that needs work. I saw it advertised on eBay and it had been used as transport for a Drag Racer. The sellers were a great Swedish guy and his wife who shared a passion for cars in general as well as racing. He even confessed (out of her earshot) that she was pretty good on the spanners. Obviously, a round trip I thought might take about 80 minutes max. took the best part of four hours as we chewed the cud and looked at all their  various automotive projects over some excellent filter coffee. 

The trailer is back at base and in the work shop. We are not taking any bets at which show it makes its debut. We still have to do quite a bit of work on the Brockhouse (I still need to get D shaped tail lights and one of those reflective period  'T' signs) so we are not short of a job or two.

The moral of the story is always give the job to the busiest person you know - it will get done. Somehow we all seem to muddle through. And as my uncle always said “If you do find a girl good on the spanners and she has her own set of drainage rods - marry her!” No, I never saw the connection either.