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Jun 12

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My third section of books is for all the would be Blashford Snells or those that want to 'boldly go'. There are a number of books that deal with expeditions, how to get there and how to get out again. Many of us have clearly been born in the wrong century. We should have been pioneers facing untold danger as we forged trails into the unknown. In reality, few if any of us ever do this; however some have, and a small percentage of these have turned this experience into practical advice for the rest of us. 

The books by these authors are religiously sought by world travellers, students on missions from the RGS and those that decide to forsake all, and take a few years off to find themselves.

Most books feature Land Rovers which confirms the brand's place, as the vehicle that discovered the world from 1948 to the present day - a big world through a small windscreen. Some books tell you where to go, what to see and how to prepare. Some are very region specific but all try to pass on experience and wisdom.

This category has one outstanding book that is seen as the Holy Grail for road trips. It is written by an ex Royal Air force pilot named Tom Sheppard and is called 'The Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide' published by Desert Winds in association with Land Rover. It is a massive tome but is packed full of everything you could ever want to know. Tom’s wealth of practical tips and detailed planning and explanation has no rival. There is nothing that is not covered from food, fuel, transport, cooking, living, clothing and much more beside. It is encyclopaedic but as a reference tool very easy to use and follow. It has long gone out of print but now changes hands at extremely high prices on auction and used book sites.

Tom Sheppard has planned, led and trained teams for expeditions, among which was the first coast to coast crossing of the Sahara. He is also an accomplished photographer as well as author of other books on off-roading. If you ever are lucky enough to get a copy of this book cherish it for your grand children.