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Jun 24

Written by: 48OE Admin
24/06/2011 17:01  RssIcon

Regular visitors to the show will know us and our team. For more years than I care to remember, we operated one of the bigger stands over the show weekend. We had great fun with fantastic memories, through tornadoes and floods. Our loyal staff worked their socks off for many days before and after the show to make it the success we all enjoyed. The logistics involved in big shows are massive and this is one reason why the trade stands are not quite what they used to be around ten years ago. Well, we think it is time to turn the clock back.

The 1948 Original Equipment stand is bigger and better, and as we own it lock stock and barrel we want to make sure it is a real experience for customers and staff alike. We like to think you will not see a better looking stand in the whole of Billing!

The good news for all those mothers, grannies, daughters, sisters, aunts and nieces is that the headline hunks from our old team will be strutting their stuff in our Tepi. At great cost we are assembling some members of the original cast. Hot on the heels of 'Take That' getting together again I can exclusively reveal today, that we will have Daniel and Alan back on the team for Billing 2011. At this time it is for a one show special but who knows. Now for those that know this pair of Casanovas, they are a bit like Ant & Dec - nobody including their mothers is sure which is which. One of them did dress as a Brownie when he was 12 and the other is being brought to Billing by his mum  - but that as they say is another story.

Drop in for a chat or hopefully part with some cash for some of our latest products. The boys are already waxing their legs and chests in eager anticipation. We look forward to seeing you!