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Jun 27

Written by: 48OE Admin
27/06/2011 13:30  RssIcon

Well we had just about everything: -  fun, rain, sunshine, humour, a lightning strike on a roof tent, good food, good beer - did I forget the rain, mud and a constant supply of coffee from 'Uncle Dave’s Kitchen'?
As always, apart from the fantastic array of vehicles, the auction was the highlight. This year Richard got of to a whirlwind start but we were all unaware that he was in fact planning a marathon. He poked, prodded and squeezed bids from unsuspecting people for in excess of two hours! There is still a French man somewhere uncertain why he wanted a rocket fired by the Russians at the British which allegedly landed in France. Uncle Dave almost got lucky with his telephone bid for a sign and another Frenchman is no doubt installing his large cast bell on his gite as you read this. Richard’s energy and enthusiasm for this auction is legendary and he extended this by another virtuoso performance.

'She who must not be named' managed to shoot water from the tent all over Alice but made it up later by buying some military bunk beds ready for camping at Billing. A good time was had by all – well done Philip and all his team!
If none of this makes any sense to you make sure you visit the next Dunsfold Weekend in 2013.