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Jun 30

Written by: 48OE Admin
30/06/2011 08:14  RssIcon

Now I could be talking about rabbits with the problems we currently have at home. However, I do not wish to incur the wrath of pet lovers so rest assured my controversial headline is to catch your attention on a much more serious subject.

Selling knives, and to a degree axes, is not accepted in some circles. There is so much hysteria in the press about knife crime that public opinion is easily swayed.

Bushcraft is a long forgotten skill in most circles. However, I challenge anyone to see how much enthusiasm there is for this topic amongst the young and old alike for those who are lucky enough to be exposed to it. Today it is not commonplace for parents and children to be out camping and making things, yet those that do, find an enjoyment second to none. Trust me, I have seen the grins as fathers and sons cut sticks and bracken to make a den.

For years every Boy Scout carried a fixed blade knife and was taught how to use it correctly, safely and with respect. Today, in some circumstances, this is against the law and as far as I know Scouts are even denied a trusty pen knife. There can be no more practical way to build confidence and self esteem than by learning how to fashion eating tools, build a shelter, make fire and survive in the woods. At the end of any Bushcraft  course you will see new friendships and great contentment. 'Back to basics' heals and lets personalities grow. It is often used with difficult inner city children to help them to discover their worth.

We believe firmly in countryside and bushcraft and applaud those that teach these skills. Knives and axes have been the most important tools for any civilisation for thousands of years. For these reasons we think it is important to sell them and promote responsible use. The products we sell on our website are all designed for Bushcraft. They are made by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world today and represent the best of their type. Gransfors axes from Sweden are not only practical but beauty in their own right. To hold and use one is a privilege - they represent centuries of evolution of fathers teaching sons. This is not mass production but hand craftsmanship.

The same goes for our knives including a new exclusive knife made by Roger Harrington. We asked Roger to design for us a unique knife based on 19th Century usage to echo our '1948 Original Equipment' name. He surpassed our brief and we now have some of the best most beautiful knives available. These are the 'real thing' made for use in the wild and they will be passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom. None of these products are for those looking at price; these are all the 'best of the best' and the discerning customer will appreciate this as soon as he holds them in his palm.

Knife crime does grab headlines but, according to statistics, more people are stabbed with screwdrivers than knives. Most knives used in crime are the cheap kitchen variety. We should not deny the joy of living and surviving with nature but realise it is people, not their tools, that commit crime.