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Jul 8

Written by: 48OE Admin
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Our ability to learn seems totally disproportionate to our selfishness. I don’t think there will ever be a Utopian 'Big Society' because progressively we become more obsessed with our own circumstances. This is fuelled, not by our own rational deduction of what is best,  but by those thoughts and words generated by others.

In my lifetime I am not really aware of strikes achieving anything, probably quite the reverse. The miners did not save the coal industry and Red Robbo did not save Leyland or the Rover Group. Printers and typesetters did not stop the march of technology in the news paper industry and presently I don’t think the postal workers can save Royal Mail from the massive shifts in their industry. Teachers and Civil Servants could do well to reflect on the above. Regardless of what their Union Leaders tell them they do not have a groundswell of support around the country.

Everyone I know is finding it hard to continue in the style to which they have been accustomed. At all Land Rover shows the attendance and spend is down. Families have many calls on their monthly income. Most of us have not liked but accepted that we need to work longer and why not? This is about evolution and life changing. Civil servants need to understand the correction they are finding so unpalatable is something industry does every year without fail. Early retirement and a good pension has to be paid for by everyone including all civil servants. I accept I have had to cut back on the wasteful parts of my life and will probably work well into my seventies. This is life!

Who is going to pay off this country's debt and pay for our children's pensions? There is no lottery win for civilisation. We all need to get off our platforms and realise that it can never be fair for a very large segment of society to be immune from the reality.
Yes, a few Bankers may appear to get away with it (I could rant for hours on this subject) but look at the banking industry. Banks have endured vast job cuts and more staff being shed each week. Don’t confuse a few at the top with the industry! Most workers in this country at present are pleased to have a job and do have nervousness about the future. It is also a startling fact that our wellbeing could depend on Greece understanding the self same reality. Some aspects of globalisation are very scary!

My call to everyone is just come up with a plan, work out how you can afford what it is that you want without relying on others to pay for it. When you have done that and decided how you can retire at 60 and have a big pension just get on with it. But please do not expect me to pay for it! There are thousands of cases of sick and needy children, people with Alzheimer’s and MS who I want my taxes spent on before your retirement and pension - and guess what these may just be in your family!