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Jul 26

Written by: 48OE Admin
26/07/2011 07:10  RssIcon

For those of you that came to the 1948 Original Equipment stand at the Billing Show you will have seen ‘Monty’ my expedition equipped Tickford. This caused quite a lot of picture taking and lots of questions. I enjoyed this as he is a great 4x4.

To say once and for all to the gentleman who wanted to know why I had altered a perfectly good Series 1 Land Rover so much - I say for the record ‘IT’S A TICKFORD’. He would not believe this was a model sold by Land Rover. Still it takes all sorts and I don’t expect to hear from him with an apology when he looks it up in any book or on the web. He knew all about Series 1s and that was that!

Monty drives superbly well and is in a used and original state (If such a thing ever exisits). I love Monty because he is not shiny and new but has age and patina. He has a history and is proud of it. All Land Rovers like to be used and you will see more of him at shows and in our advertising. As we  often say much Original Equipment is built to last and he is an example of a tiny carbon footprint across his life span now over 60 years. I am not sure if I will be in such good condition at his age!