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Aug 2

Written by: 48OE Admin
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Many of us give names to our Land Rovers, some not so flattering. We have Tommy our 1948 Series One, Monty the 1950 Tickford Station Wagon, Winston the 1958 (last of the Series Ones) a Civil Defence vehicle and Red a Military Police 109 to name but a few.

How do names come about? Well its probably a very personal thing best not discussed in public. Some pick girls names and refer to them as 'Her or She'. Ours for some inexplicable reason are very definitely male and you may have spotted a WWII theme emerging.

We have heard of Carlos, Git, Jessie, Rat, Gertie, AA (it seems it may be easy to work out how this one got its name), Rosie and the list goes on. If you have an unusual name and a good story as to why send us a note and a picture and we will see that you are mentioned in despatches.

One of the ones we like most is 'Plug Hole', again any Land Rover owner can probably guess why it was christened thus!