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Aug 5

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05/08/2011 18:04  RssIcon

There was a very moving section on Top Gear this week where it showed British Servicemen, who have been wounded in action, rebuilding part of their lives through Motorsport. Their chosen event was Off-Road racing using a Freelander and a Defender inspired Wildcat. They are hoping to enter next year's Dakar Rally.

In the words of 'The Hamster' this is as much about therapy and something they need to do. As a piece of television I thought this outstanding and well worth a watch on iPlayer if you missed it. It showed the sheer guts and determination of a bunch of soldiers and how their team spirit is a fearsome driving force.  I hope they succeed in their quest and I will be shouting at the top of my voice hoping they finish the most difficult Rally in the world.

It also made me think about all those people who choke our health service facilities with trivial colds and bruises. As one trooper commented:-  'I lost a leg but in the words of Monty Python it was only a flesh wound'.

To the whole Team of Drivers and Mechanics – '1948 Original Equipment salutes you'!