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Aug 24

Written by: 48OE Admin
24/08/2011 08:32  RssIcon

Whenever a number of show traders in the Land Rover world get together, apart from moaning about the state of the nation, talk inevitably turns to Shows. One thing we all agree upon is that costs have risen and sales have dropped over the last three years. Some well respected players have dropped out altogether.

We debate whether there are too many shows or whether they meet the needs of the public given how many other attractions now vie for the public’s time and money. The warring factions changing dates and moving Shows really came at the wrong time and split the industry.

Are we priced right for a family of two adults and two children? With travel, entry, food and drink most will see no change from £100 to £150 before they buy anything. Have Land Rover shows moved with the times? Are we offering enough innovation or are we repeating the same thing year after year?

We would love to hear your thoughts as we are about to plan for 2012/13. Why not drop us an email with any points you may wish to air about the future of Land Rover and 4x4 Shows in the UK? Please write to sales@pmlgb.com