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Sep 13

Written by: 48OE Admin
13/09/2011 18:00  RssIcon

It is not often I get stopped in my tracks. However, at the Land Rover Owner Show at Peterborough, I came to a shuddering halt. Two young ladies who had not seen one another for a while were having a good natter and, as I sat down to have a drink with them, I heard one say 'I like Blue Jobs and am quite good at them'.

As you might imagine, this was an unusual sentence to hear spoken so enthusiastically! Always inquisitive, I had to find out more.

I was then given a whole new education that it is quite common parlance to divide household chores into Blue Jobs and Pink Jobs - and told that this is often discussed at length on Facebook. At this point I must confirm to the reader that I represent an older generation who has not embraced Facebook.

So much for those pioneering lady students who burnt their bras in the 1960s and 70s and listened so intently to Germaine Greer et al.  I might add that my experiences as a student in those heady, bra-less days have made me the man I am today!

Equality may have reared it's head but it appears that today’s Facebook society has reverted to a more conservative approach to life.

I was deemed old and out of touch as they explained that in a modern relationship (and much talked about amongst the Twittering classes) the world now accepts Blue Jobs and Pink Jobs.

I established that mowing grass or putting the bins out is a Blue Job whereas ironing and arranging the contents of the fridge is a Pink Job. Apparently it is common parlance for recently divorced women to advertise to their Facebook friends that they need someone to do their 'Blue Jobs'.

Well my knowledge of modern language was expanded, but what did happen to all those revolutionaries of free love and equality?

Me? – I see no clear line between Blue or Pink jobs - I just seem to get them all!