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Oct 3

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03/10/2011 16:30  RssIcon

It was a strange collection of Land Rovers that was amassed in Norway. John Craddock liberated them and last weekend auctioned them off. I say strange because of the number of Fire Engines and in particular Forward Control Fire Engines. As the proud owner of a Forward Control 2A Fire Engine I thought I had a rare beast until this lot appeared on the scene!

It was good to see another Tickford emerge but the size of the restoration required means it needs someone with very deep pockets. It also needs the expertise of a Ken Wheelwright to make sure it remains authentic.

There will be a full report on the auction  in next month's LRO magazine but the star of the event was the superb tracked Cuthbertson which sold for around £46,000 to a German bidder. If only I had won more than £10 on the previous week's lottery!