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Oct 14

Written by: 48OE Admin
14/10/2011 15:10  RssIcon

It did not rain; I repeat it did not rain. Even better news it was fantastically sunny and hot, nearly touching 30C. This was a glorious day to be at an Auto Jumble.

There were more traders than ever before and the public were early risers with big queues waiting for Mark Woodward to sound the starting gun. Hopefully a good time was had by all as throughout the day a steady procession of assorted wheelbarrows and carriers ploughed backwards and forwards between stands and car park.

I did not find any of the gems I was looking for. The early reflective 'T' for a trailer is my holy graille at the present. I did however manage to sell quite a few things that have been unused in my workshop for over 20 years and this has helped my storage space issues. Trade on our stand was not quite as brisk as usual but  we put this down to the exceptional weather. No doubt some families decided leisure was a better pursuit for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The good news is that we are already finding more items for next spring's Newbury Show and for those who spotted the sign on the fence a Land Rover Show is returning to Eastnor in 2012. I hear on the grapevine it is to have a more Historic perspective which is no bad idea. 1948 Original Equipment will be there – we look forward to seeing you.