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Oct 19

Written by: 48OE Admin
19/10/2011 15:19  RssIcon

The chances of a particular Land Rover owner or driver reading this blog are remote. However I do have a question for one driver.

The first time I saw him I smiled. It happened so quickly I do not remember the colour but I think it was a short wheel base Series Land Rover. It was near Ross-on-Wye and as we passed travelling in different directions - he was merrily motoring along wearing ear defenders.

Now we all moan about the noise but this was a first for me. Were they really ear defenders? They looked like typical items worn on building sites or on a shoot. They could of course have been overkill for listening to his iPod or a new Bang & Olufsen accessory.

A few days later I then saw the same scene again! I am not sure if it was the same person or not, as once again we crossed one another travelling in opposite directions. The coincidence is too much so I must assume it is the same driver.

If you know, please put me out of my misery and let me know the reason! It could be a new fashion idea and as an aspiring fashionista I want to stay on trend. In some ways, I am surprised more have not resorted to ear defenders for their Defenders.

Is there a Land Rover part number?