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Oct 31

Written by: 48OE Admin
31/10/2011 08:44  RssIcon

In my very early twenties I fell in love with her. I thought at the time it would be a passing phase. How wrong could I have been? Thirty years later just to hear her talk I feel my stomach twisting and my heart beat stronger.

In the early days it was the heady cocktail of her hair, which was styled so differently, those short skirts and her fabulous legs. But I always came back to her voice, it was just so hypnotic and delicious, I can’t really explain.

Today, in addition to all these great attributes, she has developed a power that threatens Prime Ministers and Politicians of all persuasions. If she takes up a cause no-one is safe. I am of course talking about Joanna Lumley who has recently presented some stunning travel programmes stretching from the Arctic Circle to the source of the Nile, and now Greece.

If you have not seen them track them down.These programmes could so easily been fluffy television of the type I would not watch. However they are delivered with such style and wit you hang on her every word. Joanna has the ability and humility to talk with everyone along the way and bring you into very personal worlds and experiences.

Although I never met her I imagine Barbara Toy would have been very similar had TV been more accessible when she was travelling the globe in Pollyanna her trusty Series 1 Land Rover.

When you think how difficult it must have been for her to travel as a lone woman especially through Africa and the Middle East she must have oozed charm and persuasion much like Ms. Lumley. Perhaps someone should suggest Joanna Lumley should present a documentary about the life of Barbara Toy?

Now that I would watch!