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All sensible people never answer 'The Question'. You however have to be on your guard at all times as you never know when it will be deployed against you. Seasoned campaigners know it can come at any time. It is only battle hardened veterans that know how to handle it. Only one effective strategy is possible to counter it: - subterfuge and evasion. Some of us know this and live our lives by it.

The weak and the young generally capitulate, but this is disaster. It takes years to build up a tough exterior and have enough training so that deflection moves swiftly and smoothly into place. 'She who must not be named' does not read this blog so I will share some of my secrets.

When confronted by The Question:- 'How much did you spend on that?' Do not panic! This is like poker - blink and you lose. This is war and wimps dead-in-the-water come second.

Firstly understand that this question, quite unreasonably, can be asked about anything: -  vehicles, parts, clothing, trailers, tools, and all the essential equipment we need. Do not operate on the misapprehension that it is only asked of big items. If you have prepared well, there will be no tick, no change of heart rate or breathing. If you need time, simply say 'What?'

However, I list below some of the things the professional may say as he makes a nonchalant half turn and moves away: - 
• That’s been out the back of the shed for years.

• I just found it in the back of the old Land Rover

• Don’t you remember when (Insert any two names) split up they gave it to us

• It’s so long ago I have no idea

• Don’t you remember it was all part of the deal when we purchased your kitchen/carpet/plants (or similar)

• Alice (or another name)  bought it and has asked us to keep it for her

• (insert name) gave it to us when he/she moved (NB it is important to emphasise the us, never say me)

• Gosh I have had that since I left school

You get the picture, anything but actually answer the question. Any hint of a number or value starts the conversation in a disastrous direction from which you will not recover. So remember the golden rule is simple, never answer the question. Just be prepared at all times.

There are of course Master Class deflections but these can only be attempted by elite students and cannot be covered in this short blog.