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Nov 7

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A parent’s influence and expectation plays a great part in shaping a child. It is most unfortunate that some do not seem to be able to give any moral guidance. Today few of us worship on a regular basis, so a child probably does not get this guidance from religion either.

Now, I am not a religious zealot. Quite the contrary, I am from the school that reads history and sees that most conflicts over the last two thousand years often carried God and righteousness on both sides. However most religions in their purest forms do have one thing in common, they teach us to care about others.

You are probably now thinking that I have flipped and this blog is not for you. Well this is really a follow on from my previous blog (which you should read first). I am being opportunistic and using current events to my advantage but also giving you a 'Thought for Today' at the same time.

There has been a certain Billionaire's daughter who has just been picked up by TV and Media as newsworthy. She is also labelled a billionaire so perhaps Daddy has just given her part of his legacy. It is most unfortunate that in spite of his vast fortune Daddy did not spend more on her education. She is labelled as a model, a celebrity, an IT Girl and probably much more. I understand there is a TV Show telling us all about her super rich life style.

One newspaper shows her in a room with her hundreds of pairs of designer shoes by Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo probably around £100k and a similar value of handbags. Her clothes are equally bizarre and she boasts she only wears things once and has several designer items at around £1,000 each that she does not like.

Someone should have told her that she may feel good when she buys these things but they will bring her no long term satisfaction. Imagine if she used all this money for good in the world. How many people could she help? What a fantastic legacy she could have for her name. I am even more dismayed that so many journalists want to photograph and write about her. What role model for children does this set in these difficult and challenging times?

The world is a strange place and in her cossetted world of Mayfair, Cannes, LA and Courchevel she probably only knows a handfull of people who likewise travel the same circuit. By using her money wisely she could be known by millions globally. No doubt one day this will dawn on her that she cannot take all the shoes and bags into the next life. I am truly not envious of all her money because I had fantastic parents who did not get divorced and who gave me a moral barometer.

Now for the main point of this blog - her notoriety can be positive and used to sublime effect when 'She who must not be named' poses the question you must never answer.

Here are a few 'of the moment' ideas for deflection of 'The Question': -

• Spend? Tamara Ecclestone is the one that spends! We (emphasise the We never use I) are preserving our heritage for our children (normally said about anything Land Rover).

• Spend? Tamara Ecclestone is the one that spends! We (as above) recycle.

• Spend? Tamara Ecclestone is the one that spends! We (as above) are raising money for charity. (Now, you do need to have entered your Land Rover on a Charity run for this one to play well but it can be used for major accessories like tyres or a winch).

• Have you seen how much Tamara Ecclestone spends on shoes and handbags? -  this would not buy a button for her dress!

I sincerely hope that she sees what an opportunity she has with her money and realises how much lasting fun and joy she could have alongside her Jet Set existence by helping others. Perhaps someone close to her will reset her moral compass.