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Nov 25

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25/11/2011 09:05  RssIcon

We received a wonderful suggestion for a new item in our product range. Hamish wrote to us extolling the virtues of a coffee making pot used by nomadic Bedouin tribesmen. It is a pot with a wider base than top that has a long handle. This is held over a fire to boil the water and coffee.

Hamish tells us that this was in common use when he was living with the Bedouin in the Sinai Desert. It can be used over any type of flame from burning camel dung to a high tech burner. He recommends them as they can take quite a bashing and look all the better for it.

We love the idea and are now finding a modern day source so as to add it to our web site. We enclose a picture of a small version of this item we managed to buy in the Middle East. We think this was probably made in Egypt.

We are still not certain of the Bedouin name for one of these so if you happen to know please get in touch. We have a number of suggestions already – Finjan or Dallah and Cum Cum although the latter may just have been a derivation of 'Come! Come!' the call used when the coffee was ready!

If you manufacture something like this please get in touch with us.

Hamish tells us he has many more ideas picked up from this travels so watch this space.