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Dec 22

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They seem to blend together so well. I once found a sheep dog sheltering under my Defender 110 at about 7.00 am as dawn was breaking. After a lot of coaxing with biscuits, a very timid dog came out who was ravenously hungry. After contacting the Police I was told his name was Fly and was a recent edition to a local farm about 3 miles away. He had been purchased from a trainer in Wales but clearly still longed for the Valleys and had run away.

When I took him back to his owner she told me that he had lived all his life outside and always slept either in or under a Land Rover.

We see so many fantastic dogs at Land Rover Shows and thank goodness show organisers see them as part of the Land Rover world.

Looking through pictures we have taken at shows we found the following photographs of just some of the canine visitors. We do not know who owns these dogs, but we do know they are all Land Rover dogs.