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Dec 22

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Well when we were going through the photographs we also selected another important section - The People. No Show is complete without the many Land Rover characters that we all know and love. Now it is true to say that these pictures span a couple of years and we do not know most of the people in them. However we do know they all had good reason to be at a Land Rover show.

If you spot someone you know tell them they have made stardom on the society pages of a top social website! Now one or two of these culprits we do know. For example someone on the Anchor stand hid Dean’s bag of sweets and he spent all Saturday looking in every box on his stand.

Alice looks far too comfortable for her own good and can you believe we were paying her at the time?

Now there is one rare picture in this bunch, it shows Graham. Very few photos of him exist out of uniform as few people apart from a small number of adults know what he does in the summer. Those that do, know him for his fantastic array of military bits and pieces which he sells at Land Rover shows. If he does not have one he will always be able to get one! He is a fantastic chap and his knowledge of military Land Rovers is one of the best. At this time of year as you would appreciate from the photo he spends much of his time servicing the sleigh and getting everything ready for the big night. Few realise the very important role he performs in December!

We hope you enjoy looking at the people, and previously at the dogs, that make every Land Rover show great.