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Jan 4

Written by: 48OE Admin
04/01/2012 14:22  RssIcon

Well we are all doing it! Some are more elaborate than others and some have more chance of success than others. Generally it is to give up something. It is so easy to preach to others but so much harder to make the tough decisions oneself. One thing in life is certain, very few of us will succeed in keeping our New Years resolutions.

As a result I have changed strategy for 2012. Rather than the normal list of losing weight, giving up alcohol and chocolate I have decided on one simple resolution for 2012 - to be happy.

Now this in itself is something that is not really a challenge I hear you say. Believe me it is when you look deeply at the complexity of life. We live in a society where we all want more. What if we all made the resolution to be happy with what we have? Well for one thing Bankers would earn a lot less from us!

Even in my darkest moments I realise there are so many people who find themselves in much worse situations than I have ever been in so I should be happy.

So that is it in 2012  - I am going to smile more and be happy. Why not try it for a day or so? - what is the worst that can happen?