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Feb 8

Written by: 48OE Admin
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Winter brings many changes to life. Since time began all animals and plants have had to adapt to the harsh climate November to March brings. Bulbs store up energy in summer and only start to grow once the warmer temperatures of Spring arrive. Birds have the best idea as many overwinter in the much warmer climates of Africa.

For the first time this winter a new phenomenon has occurred that I have not observed before. Now this may only be new to me as many of you may be familiar with this behaviour or may even adopt a similar stance.

'She who must not be named' has decided she will not rise until it is daylight. The definition of daylight is also suspect, as the sun has to be risen in the heavens - not just casting an eerie glow across the horizon. 'We are daylight creatures not something that lives in the dark' she proclaims to any one who will listen.

So for the first time this year she remains resplendent with two cats nestled beside her until at least 0830 hrs.  Now if she were a lady of leisure I would have no problem with this proclamation but we have business interests. This means that some customers have valid reason to call us before 0830 hrs.

The advent of the smart phone has been partially responsible for this change in 'She who must not be named', as it gives her everything at her finger tips. The only exception being it does not make coffee - so I am duly despatched to provide this service - in the dark!

You can imagine the engine room of any large organisation as you make an early call. Fresh faces primed to respond and eager to take the first incoming call of the morning. You cannot imagine the recipient of that call sitting up in bed adorned by cats (this is an approved method of saving heating fuel on the Welsh Borders) answering your questions accessing all the company data on her i-Phone and still in her night gown. Having witnessed this scenario first hand, I now have even deeper suspicions about overseas call centres.

However, you have to admit there is a strong argument to staying in bed until it is light and if modern technology and a compliant Coffee Wallah can make this possible who is to say it is wrong?

My Grandfather, a man of the country, always said 'Out with the dawn and in with the dusk'. I can tell you this approach does make winter much more bearable!