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Feb 18

Written by: 48OE Admin
18/02/2012 18:07  RssIcon

I was reminded about a fantastic clip on YouTube that I have viewed several times. It demonstrates to anyone contemplating owning a Series 1 Land Rover the pure joy it can bring. I don’t know who made the film but if they ever read this blog they have my whole hearted appreciation for imagination and dogged persistence as it must have taken some time to produce.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed by taking time out to find and watch it. Simply go to YouTube and in the search bar type: - Gods Must Be Crazy Land Rover Part 1 (& 2).

(For me Part 2 is the best but to follow the story you need to view Part 1 first)

It will bring a smile to your lips and shows how old vehicles can just go on and on.