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Feb 21

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Some may consider this title appropriate in all senses of the word model. This relies heavily on subjective interpretation and as such could cause confusion. As a result I think I have to state for the record that I am not using the word 'Model as in 'Male Model'. Although, as I state, this could be subjective and there could be in the hills of Wales a fan club that would use this interpretation. I am not sure if he has ever posed for a photograph for commercial gain. If he has and there is a fan club it is best I do not delve further because his wife might be unaware and no matter how small the likelihood that she would read this blog I must take no chances.

In the above title the word 'Model refers to the context of 'Model Vehicles' or even more specifically 'Model Land Rovers'. It is in this field that he is an unsurpassed legend. No other person or organisation even gets close. There is only one King of Scale Model Land Rovers and that gentleman is the subject of this blog.

Dave Mitchell's Landcraft is known throughout the world to all Land Rover collectors. He owns the biggest and most comprehensive model collection on the planet and as a result of his hobby is the foremost trader of 1/43rd, 1/32nd, 1/18th, 1/76th and almost any scale of Land Rover vehicle you can imagine. Land Rovers probably have more derivatives of livery than any other single automotive marque. Dave knows them all and he boasts an amazing stock of old and new Range Rover and Land Rover models alike. His knowledge on this subject is second to none.

He is a Land Rover fanatic and has a good collection of the full size versions as well. Anyone involved with Hill Rallies in Wales will also know him, as in his spare time, he has organised or marshalled on events for over thirty years.

He is a face that you will see at many of the Land Rover Shows around the UK. He is always happy to talk about models and generally has a generous can of cider on hand for friends as we put the world to rights in a setting sun around his famous model shop.

Our own short comings at shows are shown up as he is always open before us and closes after us, or so it seems. A bit like Ronnie Barker’s Arkwrights but without the delivery bike - 'open all hours'. He has been one of the stalwarts of the show circuit for ever. He is a good friend (he may not agree with this statement after seeing the photos and reading this!) and manages a web of hardcore Land Rover model collectors around the globe. I confess to being one of these but have to remain discrete about the subject in case 'She who must not be named' ever finds out.

Have a look at his website www.landcraft4x4.co.uk. If it is model Land Rovers you want give Dave a ring. You really will not find anyone more knowledgeable!