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Mar 9

Written by: 48OE Admin
09/03/2012 17:37  RssIcon

This is a subject that seems to take up a disproportionate amount of space in our blog. Gone are the days when we had one fantastic industry show where the great and the good of all things Land Rover, 4x4 and Expeditions met to talk with their customers. Magazine rivalry stoked by individuals started the slow demise of the Show circuit.

Just 48 hours ago we heard the Land Rover Max Show was cancelled. We tried exhibiting there last year but it was a financial disaster and we should have give our money to Sport Relief and stayed at home. This is no reflection on LRM as they run a good magazine but there are just too many shows claiming to be the biggest and the best.

We admit a bias for the smaller regional events run by Mark Woodward. He is pragmatic, understands the economy and charges sensible prices. He is also approachable and understands that a show's success depends upon the satisfaction of three parties in equal measure. Organisers, Trade and the Public must come away from an event pleased. Too often the Trade are now being asked to pay costs of stands that are unsustainable. The result is that stand quality and numbers drop and the Public are no longer getting value for their entrance fee. With the advent of internet shopping, Ebay and mail order we are all finding better ways to spend our precious money.

I am very pleased to see that Mark is launching another regional show in addition to the Eastnor Land Rover Show (see news section) which 1948 Original Equipment will be attending. Check out his website at www.bristolandwestlandrovershow.com

Personally we think the industry needs one flagship show that all the trade supports and smaller regional shows that are very well priced. The flagship show needs to be at the end of July for the school holidays and in a central, easy to get to location. We would like to see more European visitors and trade stands at this event so as to make it Europe’s finest show and an industry showpiece.

Will our Utopian dream come to fruition? Who knows?