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Mar 16

Written by: 48OE Admin
16/03/2012 08:59  RssIcon

We have recently been testing our Horizon Head Torch due to a couple of power cuts and now understand why this has proved such a popular item. Its adjustable light pattern and LED lights give long battery life. The head harness is very comfortable and in many circumstances it is so much more convenient than a hand held torch.

As a durable piece of kit for camping and road trips it will now be on our must take list. If you ever need to work under the bonnet of your vehicle it can be direct light exactly where you need it and keep both hands free.

The downside is you do feel a bit like a Dalek when you first put it on but the effect wears off when you start to realise how useful it really is. Even our electrician borrowed it when he had to do some re-wiring in one of our barns.