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Mar 20

Written by: 48OE Admin
20/03/2012 10:13  RssIcon

The weekend saw the first show opener of the 2012 season and we were there. Unfortunately it went pretty much as all shows in recent years. The venue was quite good but the level of quality Traders was not good. Those exhibiting made a good job of it but there were too few relevant traders (I do not class cheese and sweets as being essential 4x4 equipment!). Many, like us, were first time  exhibitors which says that previous exhibitors did not repeat this year.

We don’t think there was enough to keep visitor interest as you could tour the hall in 60 minutes. The organisers would not reveal attendance figures but general consensus was that numbers were well down.

We have said it before and we repeat it again on the basis that one Show Organiser might read this blog, 'We are in difficult commercial times for everyone except investment bankers. Shows need to reflect this by offering great value to Traders and Visitors alike'. This needed to be, at best, a one day show and they needed more interesting traders and not so many club stands.

Many thanks to all the shoppers who purchased from us  - we enjoyed meeting new faces who do not visit Land Rover shows. Unfortunately, unless there is radical reform we will not be at the 4x4 Indoor Show in 2013 as the finances just do not add up as visitor numbers were just too low.

We are however very excited about the two new regional shows at Bristol and West and Eastnor (see our news section) where the organisers seem to have a much better approach and understand the economic times we are now living through.

One day our dream for a single and spectacular National 4x4 Show that encompasses the very best of the trade, sport and enthusiasts may come true. It should be a 'must visit' venue, possibly a 4 day show brimming with things to do and watch. A good central location staged at the end of July would in our opinion offer traders and the public much greater value. There needs to be rounds of motor sport events, trucks, vintage, military vehicles, re-enactment and things people can do in their own vehicles. Well we can dream!