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A Brief Time in Heaven

A Brief Time in Heaven

A Brief Time in Heaven - (Wilderness Adventures in Canoe Country)

If anything would ever make you want to give up work and paddle a canoe in Canada this book will. The photography is spectacular because the scenery is breath taking.

  • I defy anyone to tell me they prefer central London. Well those that do probably exist but they have not lived.
  • The author is modest and humble about the places he has been and the sights seen.
  • For my three wishes you could keep your Banker’s handouts -I would swap them all for a brief time in this heaven. Being at one with nature and living with and off the land is a peace few achieve but Darryl Blazino must be one of the few.
  • His time in Quetico must have taught him many things including respect for Mother Nature who shapes this wilderness. He may consider himself fortunate to have experienced everything he writes in this book.
  • I consider myself fortunate that he has shared it through its pages. It has re-awakened my desire to explore and travel – highly recommended